Hi! I’m Alex Bird.
I design experiences.
Style Guide

Shop with a fashion expert, & find new styles for different occasions.

Creative Director
UX Lead
Fly with Breeze

Reimagine airport food with this new consumer brand & service.

Creative Director
Product Designer
Baby Gift Finder

Build your dream gift for making memories with baby.

Creative Director
UX Lead
Wizard Sidequests

Manifest the nest in this
branded episode of an interactive series.

Creative Director
UX Lead
I build products.
Pet Gift Finder

Shopalong with expert pets to find the pawfect gifts
for yours.

Product Designer
Coffee Maker Finder

Spill your tastes to a barista pro, & let her find the right maker for you.

Product Designer
Paint Finder

Get interior inspiration to find the right colors for your rooms.

Product Designer
Car Seat Finder

Shop with a child safety expert, & learn helpful tips along the way.

Product Designer
About me
I’m a digital native with a creative passion for technology, design, & content.

I enjoy solving complex problems in simple ways.

As a design & product leader, I build innovative applications of new technologies that promote symbiotic human-computer interaction.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband Colton & our floofer Darcy.
What inspires you?

I get excited by ambitious projects that seek to innovate & humanize internet experiences. Sure the internet can be a downer sometimes, but I believe in its potential to enrich our shared understanding of humanity.

By designing user journeys & interfaces that reimagine online behaviors, I like to think my work (in some small way) helps the internet live up to its radical potential.

How’d you get like this?

I’m a visual-thinker fascinated by the convergence of storytelling & technology. I grew up gaming on handhelds & consoles, exploring digital worlds tucked away in tiny plastic cartridges. My parents were early dial-up adopters, so I got onto the internet early enough to remember how it used to be — a wild west of beautiful nerdom & chaos.

Okay so, you like the internet?

I believe in the promise of the internet. Growing up, my affinity for tech was nurtured by forums, films, & sci-fi novels that helped my generation imagine what the internet could be.

Since then, we’ve all watched the net’s promise of youth fade. Instead of wielding the internet as a revolutionary tool for self-actualization, we’ve grown complacent & accepting of profitable mediocrity that stifles real innovation.

I believe we, the users, deserve better.

What do you wish the internet was like?

I’ve never stopped dreaming about what the internet could be — a transformative & magical space where anything imagined feels possible & real.

I believe new & emerging technologies are the closest thing we’re ever gonna get to realizing that magic, so I’ve spent my career building digital products & experiences that reimagine what online behaviors can be.

How might we make the internet a more magical place?

By building user-first experiences. In my work, I lead product design teams to discover real people’s problems & build solutions around them. Using UX & design-thinking methodologies, we prototype, test, & build consumer applications, forging creative solutions to complex problems in helpful, communicative interfaces.

It’s my hope that by facilitating more human behaviors in digital spaces, we can help set the internet back on course to realize its enriching potential. Check out some of my projects to learn more.

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